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White Bathroom Tiles

Calcatta Natural Polished 60x60Calcatta Natural Polished 60x60
Calcatta Natural Polished 60x60
Regular price £29.99 £19.99/m²
Urban Matte White 150x75Urban Matte White 150x75
Urban Matte White 150x75
Regular price £35.00 £28.00/m²
Urban Matte White Subway TileUrban Matte White Subway Tile
Urban Matte White Subway Tile
Regular price £29.53 £23.63/m²
Alpine Gloss Hex White Wall TilesAlpine Gloss Hex White Wall Tiles
Alpine Gloss Hex White Wall Tiles
Regular price £55.78 £44.63/m²
Chic Matte Urban White TilesChic Matte Urban White Tiles
Chic Matte Urban White Tiles
Regular price £29.53 £23.63/m²
Urban White Shine 150X75Urban White Shine 150X75
Urban White Shine 150X75
Regular price £35.00 £28.00/m²
White Matte Subway Tile (R142)White Matte Subway Tile (R142)
White Matte Subway Tile (R142)
Regular price £31.72 £25.38/m²
Glossy Urban White Ceramic TileGlossy Urban White Ceramic Tile
Glossy Urban White Ceramic Tile
Regular price £25.16 £20.13/m²
Glossy White Subway 150x75Glossy White Subway 150x75
Glossy White Subway 150x75
Regular price £40.47 £32.38/m²

Grab Your White Bathroom Tiles to Improve Your Home’s Vibes

TileNow is the best place for white bathroom tiles that can take your bathroom to a whole new level of style and quality. They can combine style and functionality due to the variety of stylish and classy options available. They are adaptable enough to be combined with any other colours or designs of your choice to take them to new heights.

Why are White Bathroom Tiles Better Than Other Colours

White tiles for bathrooms are the ultimate choice for several convincing reasons. A classic elegance that never goes out of style can only be brought out by the white colour. It gives your bathing area an air of sophistication and purity, giving it a timeless appeal. White tiles provide an endless canvas on which to try out different design components.

They easily fit your ideas, whether you choose modern, minimal, or classic designs. White reflects light, giving the impression that your bathroom is larger and lighter. It makes the most of the natural light available, resulting in a cool, welcoming atmosphere that improves your entire bathing experience.

Compared to darker colours, white tiles are naturally simpler to keep clean. They ensure a spotless and hygienic space with little effort since they conceal dirt and grime better. White tiles for the bathroom are a creative blank canvas that allows you to add accents and decorations in any colour scheme to make your bathroom uniquely yours. White tiles offer a flexible base for your design ambitions, whether you want bright splashes of colour or a monochrome style.

Modern Tile Design Options

Are you prepared to turn your bathroom into a chic and modern haven? Explore our carefully chosen selection of modern tile designs made especially for white bathroom tiles. Choose from opulent marble appearances to sleek matte finishes to find the ideal tiles to add classic elegance and sophistication to your room.

Concrete Effect Tiles

Take advantage of industrial-chic trends by incorporating concrete into your white bathroom wall tiles to give it a hint of sophistication. These tiles have a raw, grainy feel and a minimalist look that makes them ideal for creating a contemporary yet cosy atmosphere. Concrete appearance tiles, whether utilised on the walls or the flooring, give your bathroom's decor depth and personality.

Wood Effect Tiles

Use wood effect tiles to add warmth and natural charm to your white bathroom. These tiles give a rustic charm that balances the crisp appearance of white tiles by imitating the texture and appearance of genuine wood. Wood impression tiles add a natural elegance to your bathroom, whether you prefer the rich tones of oak or the faded charm of reclaimed wood.

Onyx Tiles

This is a unique option that not many people go for. This is what will make your bathroom look even more personalised and unique. You can make a statement with your white onyx tiles, with their attractive veining and translucent features. You can give your bathroom a luxurious vibe irrespective of where you use it - a feature wall or as an opulent shower accent.

Porcelain Tiles

These tiles are great as they merge both design and durability. You can use them as white bathroom floor tiles due to their strength and ability to handle dampness and heavy footfall. Porcelain tiles come in a range of finishes, from glossy to matte, so you can fit any aesthetic taste.

Matte Tiles

White matte bathroom tiles have a subtle charm that can create a calm and elegant ambiance for your spaces. Matte coatings give your white bathroom depth and cosiness with their velvety, silky texture. Matte tiles add a contemporary edge to your bathroom while improving the tactile sensation when utilised as a shower wall or flooring.

Stone Effect Tiles

With stone effect tiles that bring a hint of organic elegance to your white bathroom, you can capture the beauty of real stone. These tiles give your area a sophisticated yet rustic feel, whether they are marble or slate's ageless appeal. Whether used as a backsplash or feature wall, they let the outside in and create a calm vibe for your house.

Marble Effect Tiles

Savour the opulence of marble effect tiles as you indulge in luxury. White marble tile bathrooms add a feeling of grandeur and sophistication. They are renowned for their exquisite veining and polished surface. White marble bathroom tiles give a luxurious touch that turns your bathroom into a spa, whether they are used as a shower accent or as a statement floor.

Patterned Tiles

Using statement-making patterned tiles, you may add personality and flare to your white bathroom. These tiles, which come in a variety of patterns and geometric styles, give your room depth and visual appeal while establishing a striking focal point. You can showcase your style and ingenuity by using patterned tiles for walls or as a decorative border.

Choosing the Size of White Tiles for Bathroom

Choosing the right tile size is important if you wish to achieve your desired aesthetic and functionality. Consider the following options:

Small Tiles

Using smaller bathroom white tiles with contrasting grout colours adds depth and character. Your bathroom surfaces may gain dimension as a result, becoming more visually appealing. Small tiles may need more cleaning effort to keep clean because they have more grout lines. Nonetheless, their ability to accommodate curves and odd shapes makes them appropriate for intricate design.

Medium Tiles

Medium-sized tiles provide design flexibility for your bathroom by balancing small and large dimensions. They provide the bathroom with a unified appearance because they may be applied to the flooring as well as the walls. Because there are fewer grout lines, they need to be cleaned less frequently than smaller tiles. Medium bathroom white tiles can provide a balance between visual impact and ease of maintenance.

Large Tiles

Because of their flat surfaces and thin grout lines, large white bathroom tiles are simpler to keep clean and maintain. They are good for high-moisture environments like bathrooms since they are less likely to develop mold and mildew. They work well in large spaces, where they can add to the opulence and majesty of the space. They might, however, overpower smaller bathrooms, so scale must be carefully considered.

Extra Large Tiles

These tiles can be the main attraction in your bathroom decor and make a dramatic statement. They give off an air of refinement and luxury, particularly when applied on feature walls or flooring. Extra large white bathroom tiles offer visual coherence and reduce seams and joints, giving the bathroom a spacious and coherent appearance. They are ideal for producing a smooth, continuous appearance.

Modern Tile Material Options

Explore our range of premium tile materials, each offering unique benefits and aesthetic appeal:

Glass Tiles

With their smooth, reflecting surfaces, glass tiles give modern bathrooms more elegance. With their diverse range of forms, dimensions, and hues, they provide an infinite array of creative options. Their ability to reflect light produces a bright atmosphere that is ideal for maximising limited areas. Glass or plain white bathroom tiles are a sensible option since they are very simple to maintain and clean.

Natural Stone Tiles

These tiles are incredibly resilient and can endure the test of time, but they do require sealing to avoid stains and water damage. Natural stone tiles in contemporary bathroom designs provide a spa-like refuge with their opulent appearance and innate durability.

Cement Tiles

Modern bathrooms benefit from the beauty that cement plain white bathroom tiles, with their designs and skilled craftsmanship, bring. Made by hand from a mixture of paints, sand, and cement, they provide countless design options. With cement tile designs ranging from geometric shapes to floral patterns, homeowners can showcase their style and character.

When properly maintained, cement tiles offer durability and endurance, but they do require sealing to prevent moisture and stains. Modern bathrooms benefit from the touch of historic elegance that cement tiles bring with their artisanal charm and customisable designs.

Resin Tiles

With the strength of polymer resin and the visual appeal of natural materials, resin tiles provide a flexible and adaptable option for contemporary bathrooms. Their diverse choice of finishes, encompassing glossy, matte, and textured options, accommodates a multitude of design tastes. Large white bathroom wall tiles made of resin are a sensible option for busy homes because they are also simple to maintain and clean.

Cost Range for Your Chosen Tiles

At TileNow, we pride ourselves on providing excellent quality at cost-effective costs. We provide our white tiles for bathrooms at several pricing points to accommodate all budgets:

Entry-Level: Inexpensive solutions that don't sacrifice design or quality.

Mid-Range: Value-oriented tiles that strike the ideal mix between cost and toughness.

Premium: Exquisite tiles made from premium components, ideal for anyone looking for the highest level of refinement and style.

Why Choose TileNow for Your White Bathroom Tiles?

We source only the best materials to guarantee that every tile we sell is of the highest calibre and most durable. Our extensive selection of cheap white bathroom tiles suits every taste and desire, with designs ranging from traditional to modern. You can have a smooth and stress-free process from beginning to end, giving you peace of mind. TileNow stands out from the competition as we put the needs of our customers first and work hard to go above and beyond their expectations every time they make a purchase.


1. Are small bathrooms suited for white tiles?

Yes, white tiles for bathrooms can give the impression of visual expansion and brightness in small areas.

2. How can I maintain white tiles to preserve their appearance?

White tiles are beautiful and clean to look at. But they tend to get dirty and reflect their grime or dirt very easily. Don’t worry - you just need some mild detergent and water to clean your tiles. Try not to use harsh chemicals that will affect the tile polish. This way, you can maintain your white gloss bathroom tile designs.

3. Can floors and walls be covered with white tiles?

Yes, the white bathroom wall tiles are adaptable and can be used for both floors and walls. If you use the same tiles for both, then your bathroom can have a unified look throughout.

4. Are stains common on white tiles?

Yes, stains can be seen easily on white tiles due to their colour. They are more easily noticeable on white tiles than any other dark colour. However, don’t let this deter you from choosing these tiles. You can always keep them clean with routine maintenance.

5. I have white marble bathroom tiles. Is it okay if I use coloured grout?

Yes, you can personalise the look of your white marble bathroom tile to fit your style with coloured grout. This is a great touch as it adds a distinctive touch to your tile installation.

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