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Bathroom Tiles

Calcatta Natural Polished 60x60Calcatta Natural Polished 60x60
Calcatta Natural Polished 60x60
Regular price £29.99 £19.99/m²
Creamy Shine Subway TileCreamy Shine Subway Tile
Creamy Shine Subway Tile
Regular price £64.53 £51.63/m²
Sleek Sea Blue Glossy TilesSleek Sea Blue Glossy Tiles
Sleek Sea Blue Glossy Tiles
Regular price £29.53 £23.63/m²
Glossy Lilac Metro TileGlossy Lilac Metro Tile
Glossy Lilac Metro Tile
Regular price £31.85 £25.48/m²
Urban Matte White 150x75Urban Matte White 150x75
Urban Matte White 150x75
Regular price £35.00 £28.00/m²
Blush Hex Elegance Ceramic TilesBlush Hex Elegance Ceramic Tiles
Blush Hex Elegance Ceramic Tiles
Regular price £55.78 £44.63/m²
Urban Sky Glossy Blue TileUrban Sky Glossy Blue Tile
Urban Sky Glossy Blue Tile
Regular price £29.53 £23.63/m²
Urban Matte Grey Subway Tiles 30x10Urban Matte Grey Subway Tiles 30x10
Urban Matte Grey Subway Tiles 30x10
Regular price £29.53 £23.63/m²
Urban Matte White Subway TileUrban Matte White Subway Tile
Urban Matte White Subway Tile
Regular price £29.53 £23.63/m²

Experience the Ultimate Transformation with Premium Bathroom Tiles

It’s time to upgrade your bathroom! Bring home the wow factor with our premium bathroom tiles. Don't just impress, dazzle your guests with the finest bathroom makeover.

Why Are Bathroom Tiles Important?

Your tiles will give both you and your guests a comfortable experience. Tiles for bathrooms can handle wear and tear if you have a large family. They are not like other tiles in your home that take time to dry or crack under continuous foot traffic.

This means that even cheap bathroom tiles come with sturdy construction for lasting foundations. Your tiles will be water-resistant and will not gather mould or fungus if you leave them under moisture for too long. Your structure will stay safe from water damage if you maintain it well.

You can even extend its life if you handle your tiles with care. It is easy to clean and maintain bathroom tiles in the UK. You may save time and work by washing them easily, thanks to their smooth surfaces.

How to Improve Your Bathroom

Your luxury bathroom tiles can change the ambience of your bathroom. It can make your guests and family feel like royalty, even if you have less space or basic fittings. You can use tiles that fit a particular theme you are following or even pick generic ones if you don’t have a preference.

You can make your room beautiful and relaxing when your feet touch your floors. This is true whether you choose sleek, modern tiles or go with a more traditional style. The variety of patterns and designs available cater to everyone’s taste. The options are unlimited, ranging from classic subway tiles to elaborate mosaics.

Tiles provide you with a blank canvas - the best space to customise your home and let your creativity go wild. Colours influence a space’s mood - choose tiles that blend with your current decor or make a statement with contrasting colours. The variety of tile colours guarantees that you can design the bathroom of your dreams.

What Do I Keep in Mind While Selecting Bathroom Tiles?

The primary aim of your tiles is to make the experience of using them comfortable. So you need to consider who will be using the tiles the most. Go for tiles with anti-slip features if you have elderly or small children living with you at home.

Pick tiles that are not slippery and have increased grip on textured surfaces. This will ensure people don’t slip and fall or lose their balance when the floor is wet. This useful feature makes sure that people feel comfortable and protected in your bathroom.

Tiles make good bathroom materials because they have the ability to regulate the temperature. They can keep your feet warm during the winter or cool in summers. Their non-porous surfaces prevent mould and bacteria from growing to ensure good hygiene. This is a particularly useful feature in an area where neatness is essential.

What Types of Tiles Are Good for Bathrooms?

There are 4 types of tiles you can go for based on your taste and needs:

Ceramic Tiles

These tiles are a classic choice. They are available in every possible design and go well with different styles of interior design. Their cheap pricing adds to their appeal, making them a popular option for those on a limited budget.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles increase the degree of durability in your spaces. They have high resistance levels due to their solid, finely grained clay compositions. They can withstand regular bouts of stains, scratches, and moisture.

Porcelain tiles are ideal for areas that face daily footfall. This is because they maintain can the space’s appearance even after repeated use. You can find specific colours and designs based on your needs to create an aesthetic style for your bathroom. Make your space look bigger than it is by choosing bright bathroom wall tiles and filling small corners with them.

Natural Stone Tiles

Some homeowners like to bring the great outdoors and natural elements into their homes and bathrooms. Natural stone tiles are ideal for these reasons; you can add small stones for artistic and creative designs in your room. Every bathroom can look unique by arranging the tiles in various combinations.

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles can give your bathroom a modern finish, provided you are ready to splurge a bit on them. These glossy tiles reflect the light every time you turn on the lights in your bathroom and create a light ambience. Customise your space to reflect your personality with the variety of colours and finishes available.

Which Luxury Bathroom Tile Styles Are in Trend?

So you like getting on trends and finding the right tiles for bathrooms based on what other people prefer. That’s a great idea if you are looking for bathroom tile in the UK ideas or inspiration. Here are some styles and designs that are ruling bathroom floors:

Minimal Designs

Minimal tile designs are becoming more and more common in households. Basic patterns and neutral colours can produce modern and elegant appearances. In addition to emanating elegance, this style creates a visually expansive and peaceful mood in the bathroom.

Geometric Patterns

In modern designs, geometric patterns are making a strong impression. Geometric designs, which range from complex mosaics to hexagonal tiles, give the room a hint of elegance. By acting as focus points, these tiles give a bathroom a dynamic and visually appealing atmosphere.

Vintage and Retro Revival

The resurgence of antique tile designs combines nostalgia with contemporary design. Vibrant hues, elaborate designs, and whimsical elements from bygone periods are resurfacing to give rooms charm and character. Retro-inspired tiles provide a lovely fusion of classic charm and modern style.

Nature-Inspired Tiles

Use tiles inspired by nature to bring the outside world into your bathroom. These tiles, which have earthy colour schemes, organic designs, and botanical themes, create a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere. Natural-inspired tiles also adhere to the expanding biophilic design trend.

Which Size Bathroom Tiles Do I Pick?

If you are looking for bathroom tiles in the UK, go for these different options:

Standard Sizes

Standard-sized tiles are timeless options that complement a range of bathroom styles. Examples of these are the traditional 12x12 inches or 8x8 inches. These tiles provide a tidy and timeless appearance by seeming balanced and coherent. Larger bathrooms are best suited for standard sizes.

Large Format Tiles

Large-scale tiles are a great way to embrace modern grandeur. In smaller bathrooms, these large tiles—which are sometimes 24 by 24 inches or larger—create a smooth, roomy appearance. The sleek, contemporary looks created by the reduced grout lines of the tiles help improve the overlook feel of the bathroom.

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic bathroom wall tiles are the ideal option for spaces that need a dash of artistic flair or for smaller bathrooms. You can make unique patterns and designs with these tiles. This is because they are available in a variety of colours and forms. Your bathroom will have a distinctive and customised look with mosaic tiles.

Custom Tiles

Custom tiles provide a really unique bathroom for those who desire it. You can customise the size, shape, and pattern of these tiles to match your own vision. Make a unique mosaic, a painted mural, or a unique arrangement to give your bathroom a unique look. There are countless ways to express your uniqueness and creativity with custom tiles.

How to Install Your Bathroom Tiles

The first step to installing your tiles is to prepare the subfloor well. Make sure it is free of debris and is level with structural soundness. Any imperfections on the subfloor will cause uneven tiles - both unaesthetic and susceptible to wear and tear. An effective tile installation depends on choosing the correct grout and adhesive.

The grout’s colour, type, and width influence the tiled surface’s appearance. The adhesive material used maintains a solid bond that lasts. To make well-informed decisions for your tiles, speak with professional UK bathroom tile companies or follow manufacturer suggestions.

What Is the Cost of Quality Bathroom Tiles?

If you are aware of the elements influencing bathroom floor tile prices, choosing inexpensive tiles will be simple. The brand, size, design, and material are a few of the determining factors. Large-format and natural stone tiles are typically more costly than ceramic tiles, which are normally more affordable. When looking at tile possibilities, take your preferences and financial limits into account.

There are several affordable tile solutions available that don't sacrifice beauty or quality for people on a tight budget. For instance, ceramic tiles provide a tasteful yet reasonably priced solution. Look at the clearance or discount sections at tile dealerships to find cheaper tiles.

Choosing tiles is a big investment. You can improve the worth of your house, making this step just as important as finding cheap tiles.

High quality tiles like porcelain and natural stone are expensive upfront. But they produce good results and require very low maintenance. You will also find the strength and beauty of these bathroom tiles appealing.

How Can We Help?

Good service does not have to cost a lot of money. TileNow provides affordable prices on an extensive selection of tiles. This is sure to help everyone live in luxury and style. You can remodel your bathroom without going over budget thanks to our upfront pricing.

We have a skilled crew on hand to help you with every stage of the tile installation and selection process. We offer experienced assistance to guarantee a successful outcome. This is true whether you're a do-it-yourself enthusiast or prefer a professional installation.


What kind of tile works best in a bathroom?

Go for either ceramic or porcelain tiles. These are perfect, thanks to their resistance to moisture and longevity.

Which tiles are not good for use in a shower?

Natural stone tiles are porous and sustain water damage to a large extent. This makes them ideal for use in showers.

Which tiles for bathrooms are timeless?

Ceramic and porcelain tiles never go out of style. They are classy options if you prefer to install tiles and retain them for generations.

What shade of tile works best in the bathroom?

Always go for lighter colours like whites and neutrals. They make your space look bigger and create a calm atmosphere.

Which shower tile is the easiest to maintain?

Ceramics and glass tiles are the easiest to maintain as they are hygienic and smooth. It is easy to maintain them after just washing them twice a month.

Which type of tile is best for a bathroom—ceramic or porcelain?

Porcelain is more durable and lasting than ceramic. This is especially useful if you have a high level of moisture and footfall daily.

Is it better to use ceramic or porcelain tiles in the bathroom?

Porcelain has good durability and water resistance. This means that it will last longer and require less care.

What kind of tile enlarges the space in a bathroom?

Light-colored tiles, such white and neutral hues, provide the impression of more space, which enlarges and opens up the bathroom.

Which bathroom tile is the simplest to install?

Go for large format tiles. They cover a larger area even if you use very few tiles. This makes the installation process faster and cheaper.

What colour tile works best in a small bathroom?

Go for pastel shades and mostly white tones. They will reflect the light and give your bathroom a bright and spacious look.

What is the most common tile size used in bathrooms?

12x12 or 8x8 inches can never go wrong as these are the standard measurements for most bathrooms. It will give your space a balanced look for a variety of designs.

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