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Exploring the Best Modern Bathroom Tiles for Your Space

Exploring the Best Modern Bathroom Tiles for Your Space

In this era of modernism, who doesn't want their bathroom to be classy and sophisticated?. It's the sole area of the house where you will spend your essential time of the day and you would definitely want it to look bold and strong. That's why choosing modern bathroom tiles is the best option keeping in mind the current trend and scenario. The design of your house obviously showcases your taste, but classy bathroom tiles accentuate your aesthetic personality. 

But, with a wide range of ideas and materials, it's quite a daunting task to select desired bathroom tiles. That's why, to help you with it, we have compiled some of the most modern bathroom tile design ideas that would give your house a volume. Let's explore these latest trendy bathroom tile designs. 


Wood Effect Bathroom Tiles

If you are a hardwood floor lover, then wood effect bathroom tiles are the ones you would love. These tiles exactly give the vibe of real wood. With a ton of sizes, shapes, and designs to choose from, this tile type will give your bathroom a natural touch. This is one of the most trendy tile designs for bathrooms that keeps the surface bright, light, and vibrant. Starting from royalwood light oak to walnut, beige wooden finish to whitewood effect; everything is available. Furthermore, wood effect bathroom tiles are super easy to clean, maintain and durable as well. 


Onyx Bathroom Tiles

Onyx tiles, with their beautiful, distinctive patterns and various shades, are truly highly desirable for bathrooms. It gives your bathroom a unique appearance and a sculptural depth. These are smooth and glossy in terms of texture. For a classy glass finish and the most elegant look, one should go for this type. There are different types of Onyx designs like Tiger Onyx, Honey Onyx, Monaco Onyx and so on. Due to having so many shade options, one can easily match the bathroom tile shade with their living space. 


Metro Bathroom Tiles

Metro tile designs are timeless tiles that go back to the 20th century when metro stations first started using them. Still, these are modern, trendy, and designer bathroom tiles that come in various shapes. You will get brick-shaped tiles, herringbone-shaped, crackle-glazed, and so on. You can use these shapes in various patterns like brick bonds, horizontal bonds, double weaves, vertical bonds, etc. This classic metro tiles type is hyper-modern as well as traditional. Furthermore, the tiles are water-resistant and slip-resistant. You can install them on half of the wall and the entire floor or only the floor or wall. Doing it on both the wall and floor may make the bathroom look busy


Natural and Neutral Tiles

The modern era likes simple yet elegant things, and the combination of natural and neutral-coloured tiles gives the most subtle vibe. Combinations like white and beige, sea blue and white, pearl white and silver offer the most neutral tone. You can choose any of the two colours for the floor or wall. The contrast of two neutral colours is always one of the best tiles for a bathroom to create a more sophisticated outcome. Even if you choose plain tiles without any designs, they will stand out on their own. You can never go wrong with this kind of natural tile design.


Herringbone Bathroom Wall Tiles

This is one of the most trending and designer bathroom tiles that you have got to try. Herringbone tiles are a complete decorative tile that not only adds richness but also elevates your bathroom to another level. The unique zig-zag pattern gives an elegant finish. You can install the tiles either on the floor or the wall. Furthermore, for small-spaced bathrooms, Herringbone tiles are the best. It makes the bathroom look bigger. This is an investment that would last long and also be cost-effective. So, if you want to add an elegant touch to your bathroom with a unique pattern, then you must go for Herringbone tiles. 


Mix and Match Tiles

You can give your bathroom a cutting-edge look by mixing and matching bath tile design. Combining two to three bathroom tiles of various shades, shapes, and sizes will give a modern touch. One can also create two contrasting coloured tiles like black and white, blue and white, or silver and white. However, creating this design is a little risky since the mixing and matching of different tiles needs to be done in a way that the outcome becomes harmonious. If the bathroom floor and wall tiles do not complement each other, then it would be a major failure. But nothing can be compared with a mixed and matched bathroom tiles design. 


Terrazzo Bathroom Tiles

Terrazzo tiles are a tile type that is made with small pieces of marble, quartz, and granite. These chips are poured into the precast of the bathroom and can be customised as per your requirements. This is basically close to a mosaic. If you are not a big fan of marble, then you can go for these stunning Terrazzo tiles. These tile designs for bathrooms are easy to maintain, non-slippery, and have a super water-absorption level. One can use them for both walls and floors. With this, your bathroom will have a super luxurious look. 

Large Light Shade Bathroom Tiles

A bright, spacious bathroom never goes out of fashion. In order to achieve a bright, fresh environment, you can install large light coloured bathroom tiles. Light shade tiles reflect light and make it look wider and clean. To get a minimalistic look, one can use white or beige colour tiles of large rectangular shape. Such a minimal bathroom with little decorative items not only looks outstanding but is also easy to clean and maintain. Furthermore, small spaces with large bathroom wall tile designs look spacious and free. 

Accents on Bathroom Tiles 

Another trendy bathroom tile idea is the usage of accent tiles. Accent tiles are basically small art pieces of tiles that add an extra 'wow' factor to your bathroom. These little tiles go well with modern designs and can make a great impact while keeping the authenticity of the actual tiles. Accent tiles on the shower area or at the bottom of the shower as a border look very overwhelming. These tiny pieces are basically artworks, creating a beautiful bath tile design that adds visual pleasure to the eyes. Accent tiles can stand out on their own if selected in accordance with the other main tiles.


Black and White Bathroom Floor Tiles 

What can add a bolder statement than black and white tile designs? One can add black and white tiles on the floor only or halfway up the wall. Black and white large tiles on the walls also look very sophisticated. However, even if this design is one of the best tiles for bathroom, it is not recommended for small spaces. Adding black to a small area may make it look even smaller, dark and claustrophobic. Otherwise, nothing can look so classy than this combination. 


Hexagonal Bathroom Tile Designs

This honeycomb tile design is perfect for floors or backsplash. Hexagonal Bathroom tiles come in various sizes, shades and patterns. You can mix and match, create geometric designs as well.  Hexagonal tiles are the classiest and most trendy  floor and bathroom wall tile designs. There are many ways to go creative with this particular tile type. Furthermore, one can also experiment with two to three sizes and colours and create a harmonious whole. However, due to the structure, the grout line is more here. So, regular cleaning and maintenance are important for hexagonal Bathroom tiles.


Terracotta Bathroom Tiles

Terracotta, the earthy coloured tile is not only good for your bedroom and drawing room, but also for your bathroom. You can easily use them in the shower area since they absorb water quickly and are not slippery.  However, to make the tiles waterproof you have to go through several processes like sealing the floor. You can install them both on the floor and wall. It gives the bathroom a rustic luxury and unique look. The tiles come in both glossy and non-glossy form. So, one can choose them as per their desire.


Dramatic Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are small shaped designer bathroom tiles of various materials, generally sized within 2 inches. This tile type is an investment that can change the outlook of your bathroom in the most aesthetic manner. In other words, mosaic tiles are a piece of art that you can simply apply to the floor and wall. It soaks water easily and you get a non-slippery bathroom with an intricate design. It also makes the room look spacious. However, due to having many grout lines, it would require high maintenance. 

How to Choose the Best Modern Bathroom Tiles?

To give your bathroom a sophisticated look, you need to choose the best modern bathroom tiles. First of all, one must understand their preferences as to how they want their bathroom to be. Material, shape, size, slip-resistant, water absorption, durability and maintenance also need to be considered when you are buying bathroom tiles. Modern doesn't have to be too heavy or busy. With minimalistic tile designs, you can achieve the best modern look for your bathroom. 



What colour tiles are best for a modern bathroom?

For creating a modern and sophisticated bathroom, light, neutral, natural or contrasting coloured tiles are best. Light colours like white, beige, grey, and ocean blue create a fresh and aesthetic look. Contrasting colours like black and white, grey and white, and blue and white give a more classy vibe.


What type of tiles are good for shower walls?

Tiles like porcelain and ceramic are best for shower walls since they are not only durable but also water-resistant. Most of the other tiles are slippery as compared to these two. Ceramic and porcelain tiles also have a higher water absorption rate. Slip-resistant glass walls are also best for a modern bathroom look. 


What are the latest trends for bathroom tiles?

One of the most trendy bath tile designs is the hexagonal geometrical and herringbone. These two have been competing in the market for a very long time and never fail to satisfy the customers. With so many options in terms of size and shade, these are easy to buy and also increase the resale value of the house.


Final Thoughts

To conclude, it's not only the house that tells a story but also your bathroom. So, designing it with the proper tiles is essential to add volume to your entire house. Hence, keeping in mind the current bathroom trends, our compilation of these top 10 modern bathroom tiles will make your task easier. 

Here, you are getting simple design ideas with neutral colours, a classy look with black and white tiles, a more dramatic idea with mosaic tiles and so on. You are bound to get some ideas from this. So, mix and match with your preferences and choose the best modern bathroom tile designs for your space.

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